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New Oven Mitt

After popular demand the new highly visible metal detectable oven mitt's are in production.

We have doveloped metal detectable heat resistant oven mitt. There are 3 designes all made from blue single twist polyester yarn, edges are over lock stitched with polyester thread and have a metal detectable strip stitched into the fabric.


Velcro mitt is made from 2 layres of woven polyester with a grease proof polyester film between and a velcro wrist strap.

The working surface of the triple is made up of two layers. The third layer forms the pocket to insert your hand.it is designed to protect the user during the manual handling of hot items. It is easy to put on and take off so will prevent injury to the wearer if the mitt is caught in machinery.

The long triple mitt is the same as the triple but made extra long to cover the forear.


See products for the Data Sheets.

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